#CalmHeartQuietMind - Let's celebrate mental health together

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

And in celebration we’re coming together with a message of support to empower our community.

Join Karena Dawn and The Big Silence in collaboration with friends, celebrities, athletes, creators, coaches, therapists, and partners who come together to share their personal mental health routines, self care tips, and to share about The Big Silence.

A Message from Karena:

How to Participate:

Make a video about the challenge, and about TBS, and challenge others to join in – i.e. “In celebration of mental health awareness month I’m challenging all my friends to share their mental health routine.”

  • Use hashtag #calmheartquietmind #thebigsilence @the.big.silence @calmheartquietmind
  • Tag 2 friends that inspire you to join the challenge
  • Those tagged: Make your own video to share how you keep your heart calm and your mind quiet #calmheartquietmind
  • Make a donation to The Big Silence Foundation in support of the challenge


1. Celebrating National Mental Health Awareness Month  with a fun communal way of sharing ones mental health tips.

 2. Build  awarenessfor the overall movement  normalizing conversations about mental health.

 3. Raise much needed dollars to support  The Big Silence Foundation programs, including: Therapy for All scholarships, youth programming focused on “Strength, Mindfulness, and Clarity” with pro-athletes and trainers.

Join & Follow the Challenge

Join and follow along! We'll be having fun giveaways throughout the whole month.


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