The Big Silence Launch Event at Austin, TX

Karena Dawn and The Big Silence are grateful for all the support we received for our launch event in Austin, TX, Saturday, March 12, 2022.

It was a beautiful day at Villa Artique. People from around the greater Austin area and beyond gathered to come support the cause and introduce their friends, family, and colleagues to The Big Silence. The crowd was a mix of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, actors, business owners, wellness experts and community members dedicated to offering support, and learning about resources to help bring healing to anyone affected by mental illness.

For the kickoff of the event, DJ Shivarasa set the mood and blew everyone away with her amazing set.

DJ Shivarasa


After the DJ's set, James Nicholas Kinney drew everyone together to sing along in a lively rendition of The Big Silence theme song. 


Dylan Dunlap Karena Dawn Shivarasa and James Nicholas Kinney

At the heart of the event was the mental health thought leadership panel moderated by Karena Dawn. Dawn led an open conversation with musicians Dylan Dunlap, Shivarasa, and global executive James Nicholas Kinney about their personal struggles, and their realizations related to mental health. Panelists reflected on generational and situational mental health issues they had faced in life, and shared the impact of the struggles they experienced. They then reflected on the tools and resources that helped them to find a way through the difficult times in order to reconnect and reinvest in their lives and dreams with renewed hope.

After the conversation James Kinney enlivened the crowd with a freestyle, and then performed a reprise of our favorite song - The Big Silence theme song! Dylan Dunlap then performed a set which had everyone feeling the music.

James Nicholas Kinney at The Big Silence launch event

Dylan Dunlap performs at The Big Silence Launch Event


The event offered a variety of mood-boosting supplements for guests to sample and learn about, including: Altwell CBD gummies (new flavor blueberry-elderflower created especially for The Big Silence!), Energy Shots (vitamin injections) from Alive and Well Austin, and Lifeway Keifer for mind/gut health.

Tone It Up and Blenders and Bowls provided sweet healthy treat options. Tipsy refreshments were provided by Nocking Point Wine. Kin Euphorics offered guests an NA option. ZenWTR kept us all hydrated while the crowd enjoyed food from Austin’s favorite food trucks, including the brisket burger from Leroy & Lewis and street tacos from EL Alma. Guests participated in a silent auction, and received gift bags including a fine assortment of goods from event sponsors including Tone It Up, Altwell, and Scruggs Group.

The panel and performances were recorded and released for The Big Silence podcast, LISTEN or WATCH.




     Scruggs Group    Tone It Up       Altwell

  ZenWTR     Lifeway

Thank you as well to these special contributors

APL - Athletic Propulsions Labs
Nocking Point Wines
Alive and Well Austin
Kin Euphorics
Blenders and Bowls

Thank you so much to our volunteers!

And a special thanks to APL for providing shoes to keep them comfy on their toes all day!

Julianna Scruggs
Rebecca Dunn
Lucas Scholm
Hannah Avery
Mary Kate Fennelly
Rikki McNabb
Gaby Wheatley
Charlotte Swart
Kiran Grewal

Thank you to everyone who contributed for our silent auction!

APL - Athletic Propulsions Lab
Alive and Well Austin
Anne Emerson
Gabby Bernstein
Jenna Anton
Joe Hermosa
Julianna Scruggs
Joe David Ring
Amber Valdez
Christa Elza
Jenna Phillips Ballard
Brent Hruska
Carla Alpert
Rachel Brown Art
Little Inka
Blenders and Bowls
Kin Euphorics
Simon Lee Bakery
Katie Kime
Kendra Scott
David Kurio Designs

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