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Podcast Episodes

Dr. Daniel Amen offers new ways of thinking and talking about mental health.

Gwen teaches us that we can always look forward, but that important lessons lie in our past.

Sahara Rose invites us to ask… What if there was a way to live in alignment?

Dr. Julia Britz introduces us to the many sides of stress and anxiety.

Author, monk, and psychotherapy expert, Koshin Paley Ellison, asks his essential question – how do we tend to the gap between what we value and what we're actually doing?

Minaa B joins us to talk about her therapy journey, advanced perspective on trauma, and the impact of burnout.
Kayla Stoecklein had it all – and it was gone in an instant. Hear her inspiring story of grief and growth.
My sister joins the show to share her perspective on events from my memoir and discuss the early days of this important organization we’re building.
Emil Nava, is an award winning director and out-of-this-world creative storyteller. We unpack where some of that inspiration was seeded.
Today’s guest is Monica Berg, international speaker, spiritual thought leader, and author. We share and compare our experiences with the very real stigma attached to mental health. Along with a mini therapy session, Monica gives listeners a few powerful questions to keep top of mind as a grounding practice, dishes on self-parenting, and unpacks the root of fear within us.
Isa Watson is the founder of Squad, an upstart tech brand that promises to use the devices in our pockets for good – for deeper connection with others. She joins the show today to talk about her mental health experience as an entrepreneur in a male-dominated space, the app and its mission, and her traumatic wakeup call – a tragic accident in which she lost her father.
Lindsey Morgan was one of the lead actors on the TV show, The 100, and the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. She poured her entire being into her art, but she eventually realized that she was using her work as a way to avoid processing very real trauma and damaging emotional cycles.


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