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Emil Nava, is an award winning director and out-of-this-world creative storyteller. We unpack where some of that inspiration was seeded.
Today’s guest is Monica Berg, international speaker, spiritual thought leader, and author. We share and compare our experiences with the very real stigma attached to mental health. Along with a mini therapy session, Monica gives listeners a few powerful questions to keep top of mind as a grounding practice, dishes on self-parenting, and unpacks the root of fear within us.
Isa Watson is the founder of Squad, an upstart tech brand that promises to use the devices in our pockets for good – for deeper connection with others. She joins the show today to talk about her mental health experience as an entrepreneur in a male-dominated space, the app and its mission, and her traumatic wakeup call – a tragic accident in which she lost her father.
Lindsey Morgan was one of the lead actors on the TV show, The 100, and the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. She poured her entire being into her art, but she eventually realized that she was using her work as a way to avoid processing very real trauma and damaging emotional cycles.
My guest today is Emme, a supermodel and body image advocate that’s broken down barriers in the modeling industry with her unique look and dedication to positive change. We talk about the harsh mental and emotional environment in the modeling space, how she’s coached her daughter as a model herself, and of course – healthy body image.
YouTube and social media fitness star, Caleb Marshall, AKA, The Fitness Marshall, joins The Big Silence today to talk about his life long experience with ADHD and how he manages it with regard to both his career and his personal relationships.
My guest for today’s episode is the energetic and optimistic Joe Wicks. He's a global fitness star with more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram and 100 million views on YouTube, but he has recently started sharing a very new element of his life publicly – his strained childhood living with parents suffering from mental illness and addiction.
Fresh off a night in the org’s tour bus, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik join the show, live and in-studio, for a very special conversation about coming into your truth and getting comfortable there. I’ve known this dynamic duo since the very beginning and I’m excited to share this heart-filled conversation with you all.
Rafael De La Fuente, known for his role as Sammy Jo on Dynasty, joins the show for this very special Pride Month episode where he takes us through his experience, as a gay Latino immigrant, rising as a young actor, dealing with the stress and pressures of the business, and growing into an advocate for kids he hopes to inspire.
In this episode, Alyson Stoner is gracious enough to share their mental health journey as she got into show business at seven, appeared in hundreds of movies, battled an eating disorder, and came out the other side as an empowered and inspiring role model to young girls everywhere.
The Big Silence book launch is in the Big Apple! We’re joined by brilliant author and psychotherapist, Terri Cole, and the always thoughtful, former NFL player, Dale Moss, who you might also remember from the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette. This lively panel discussion retells my story, highlights the mission of our brand new foundation, and explores other important parental and relational themes as they relate to mental wellbeing.
We’re home! My sister, Rachel, and I were so excited to get together in our hometown of Indianapolis for this special leg of The Big Silence book launch tour. Joined by Leslie Bailey, co-founder and CEO of Indy Maven, we start with my childhood, where the bad influences (and bad behavior) first surfaced, before detailing my journey to California, rock-bottom inspiration for Tone It Up, and five-year writing process.