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Yovana Mendoza is a successful wellness and healthy living entrepreneur who made her name on YouTube. Her personal health, starting with the decision to go all-out vegan, has gone on as wild a ride as her career has. We talk about recovery, how she took the first steps to trusting again, and how healing it was to reestablish the critical delineation between real life and social media.

On the outside, Luke “The Dingo”  Trembath looked the image of happiness and success, but he masked his deep depression by putting a smile on his face every morning. Knowing the stress put on young kids to figure out what they’re going to do with their lives, he’s helping the next generation of kids gain the self-awareness, clarity, and confidence to discover their own path.

Zak Williams joins us to break the silence on the collective trauma we’ve all experienced during the course of the pandemic, the process of healing from trauma, and the actionable first steps you can take to make positive changes in your life right now.

Gabby Bernstein is on a mission to transform lives around the world – starting with her own. She has always been open and honest about her own traumas. We shine some light into those shadows to show why it’s so important to do this work yourself.

Samson Odusanya is an incredible life coach and healer who believes in guiding people back to their purpose. We discuss breathwork as a way to support our body’s nervous system and release trapped emotions – you know, the ones we never talk about (but probably should!) – and unpack how he got into his own healing journey before taking on the task of helping others.

My husband, Bobby Goldstein, joins us to give his perspective on supporting a loved one with their mental health.

Ashley Greene-Khoury and Olivia Khoury are the co-CEOs of Hummingway, a brand that, like The Big Silence, is tackling its own taboo topic: periods. We talk about the role of the menstrual cycle in our mental health, managing your mental wellbeing while balancing a career and a business, and the different resources available for seeking help.

The Big Silence is dedicated to breaking the silence and stigma surrounding mental illness and providing resources to those impacted by it. Hear Founder, Karena Dawn, as she shares the story of her life and why The Big Silence means so much to her.

Listen to The Big Silence podcast with Karena Dawn for open conversations about mental health.

The Big Silence Podcast with host Karena Dawn is a top-rated self-development and mental health podcast, named in “8 Best Mental Health and Wellness Podcasts to Learn the Latest Science in Nutrition, Fitness and Mental Wellness,” and with episodes ranking in the top 10 in the USA for mental health, and top 40 in the USA for health and wellness.

The Big Silence is a motivational podcast that aims to normalize conversations around mental health and empower people to turn their challenges into triumphs. Hosted by Karena Dawn – mental health advocate, wellness entrepreneur, founder of Tone It Up, and New York Times bestselling author.

Top Self-Development and Mental Health Podcast

The Big Silence podcast features in-depth conversations with psychologists, celebrities, spiritual leaders, public figures, friends, and others who have been impacted by a mental health condition – either themselves, or through a family member or a friend. Conversations offer a message of hope and resiliency, and provide listeners with tools to navigate their mental and physical wellbeing.

The top mental health podcast provides discussions, interviews, and real life conversations with top psychologists, spiritual leaders, wellness influencers, and public figures surrounding topics, including: addiction, trauma and PTSD, integrating mindfulness, freedom through acceptance, building compassion and self love, coping with anxiety and depression, nutrition, physical wellness, self-care, caring for loved ones with a mental health condition and more.

Sharing Personal Stories and a Path To Healing

Where there is darkness, there is an immense opportunity for light.

Like so many, Karena has experienced profound grief and trauma. Growing up with a mother diagnosed with paranoid-schizophrenia, her childhood was filled with traumatic experiences that resulted in repressed emotions of guilt, shame, depression, and eventually, a suicide attempt. Though filled with this darkness, Karena was able to find deep joy. And with The Big Silence, she's creating a space for you to find that joy, too.

Suffering in silence only reinforces the stigma behind mental health issues and builds boundaries that prevent healing. Wherever you are, whatever you're going through, you have a spark of greatness inside of you.

No more embarrassment, no more shame, only healing. This is the best mental health podcast for personal stories of mental resiliency and inspiring conversations about overcoming adversity.

Inspiring Guests on The Big Silence Podcast

We're honored to be the top mental health podcast to hold conversations with so many inspiring people who open up and share their story, as well as doctors who are leaders in the health and wellness space. Our motivational podcast features inspiring guests, including: Sasha Pieterse, Ashley Greene, Lindsey Morgan, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Daniel Amen, Gabby Bernstein, Kyle Cease, Joe Wicks, Rafael De La Fuenta, Demi Leigh Tebow, Dr. Jaime Zuckerman, Caleb Marshall, Kris Carr, Dr. Najwa Zebian, Kim Shapira, Trey Hardee, Terri Cole, Mike Lee and Angie Lee, Liz Plosser, Dr. Doni Wilson, Marianne Williamson, Sahara Rose, Joey Thurman, Captain Sandy Yawn, Zak Williams, Alessandra Torresani, Kayla Stoecklein, and many more.